In Conversation: Tomas Brunegård on Media and Business

Tomas Brunegård has worked as the CEO of the largest Scandinavian Media Company as well as served as the President of the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers, and currently he is a member of numerous boards. With his background in Media and Business, Tomas discusses the importance of good journalism, and how the effects and outcomes of the current hot topics in Europe – Climate Change, Immigration and AI – have been regarded in different corporate spheres.

In order to gain a better perspective of the different aspects of the Quo Vadis Institute’s work, we invite you to watch “In Conversation” with Tomas Brunegård of the Media and Business Guilds.

Speaker: Tomas Brunegård interviewed by Stefania Knecht
Original Language: English
Filmed: October 2019, Mittersill

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