The name for the Quo Vadis Institute is based on the Latin phrase, “Quo Vadis” which means, “Where are you going?” At our institute, we want to ask that same question: “where are you going?” and “where are we headed as a society?” We aim to provide a platform for thought leaders to reflect deeply on matters crucial for our future, celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of all the different European voices, and contribute to the shaping of a sustainable society.

We work to inspire and connect Thought Leaders to rethink and shape the future of Europe. 

The Quo Vadis Institute wants to see Europe served and shaped by a well-connected and well-informed interdisciplinary network of Thought Leaders, who together and individually contribute to genuine human and societal flourishing.  

We work to see our professions, societies, and communities shaped so that human beings are treated honourably and with dignity. When our societies recognise the inherent value of work, of any human being, and make decisions to honour those ideas, our societies will do better, they will flourish more.  

So, built on a particular understanding of what it means to be human, to work, and to care for creation, the Quo Vadis Institute initiates and participates in excellent interdisciplinary, and balanced dialogue around Europe’s pressing issues.

By connecting Thought Leaders—through the network’s Guilds and friendships—we challenge the status quo, identify and facilitate new paths forward, and aim to show how drawing from the broad Christian tradition can lead to genuine solutions for Europe’s challenges. 

Working with Guilds

Thought Leaders might be first and foremost connected to one of our Guilds.

Guilds are self-sustaining networks of professionals who seek to further and advance the thinking and practice of their respective fields.

We do not only encourage relationship and interaction within the Guilds. Rather, we are strongly committed to seeing professionals cross the boundaries of their Guild and connect with others. We believe that this interdisciplinary contact has the potential of bearing much fruit.

Current Guilds we are working with:

Working with Hubs

We believe that national/regional networks are particularly attuned to the questions thought leaders and professionals have in these areas. Therefore, we have begun setting up our regional Hubs, and our DACH Hub is the first. Though setting up ‘official’ Hubs will take time, we have informal networks in Poland, Ukraine, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Albania. 

A Hub is a place where serious questions are discussed with openness and diligence, where we critically reflect on our societies, where we want to see people grow in their work, and where we provide a safe space to ask questions. Above all, however, Hubs host a community of people similarly excited to see our neighbourhoods, working environments, and our regions flourish.

Current Hubs we are working with:

Interested? Connect with us at our events for specific Guilds or via our Hub network.