Dr Andrzej Turkanik – Founder & Executive Director 

Andrzej completed degrees in music and art as well as theology before earning his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge (UK). A native of Poland, born and raised during the Communist regime, he is deeply interested in the intersection of politics, religion, and art. Andrzej is an avid speaker and networker, with a passion for talking through hard questions and addressing complicated issues. You can frequently find him making a cup of tea for those gathering in his home, or deeply in thought with a book in hand. 

Mag. Verena Schnitzhofer – DACH Hub Leader, Networker & Executive Assistant 

Verena earned a Master’s degrees in Ancient History and History at the University of Vienna (Austria) and Università degli studi di Perugia (Italy). She is interested in culture, design, and museums, old and new languages, as well as public relations on all levels. Verena is happily married to Fritz, but founder of the Austrian-wide Christian Singles Platform “Herzens-An-Gelegenheit”. She is involved in a myriad of other projects, avidly uses public transport, and loves to connect individuals. 

Dr Jasper Knecht – Research & Programme Development 

Jasper grew up in the Netherlands and completed his BA in Theology and Biblical Studies at the Evangelische Theologische Faculteit (Belgium). He completed his MPhil and PhD in Systematic and Historical Theology at the University of St Andrews (UK). His interests include the history of doctrine, and particularly the development of Christological thought in the Patristic era, Late Antiquity, and the Early Medieval Church. Jasper is married to Stefania and is a big fan of classical music. Besides his work with the Quo Vadis Institute, Jasper also teaches Christian doctrine at WTC Theology (UK).  

Simon Elias Unteregger – Administrative and Logistics Support & Research 

Simon is from Austria and has a background in German studies, biology, and philosophy. He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in German studies at the University of Salzburg. Together with his wife Nathalie, Simon lives in Salzburg and is a passionate reader of literary and philosophical works. He also enjoys writing poetry and short prose texts, as well as talking about aesthetics and possible art projects with his wife. 

Małgosia Turkanik – Host & Facility Manager 

Małgosia, trained as a midwife, is passionate about the integration of food, gardening, and everything outdoors. She is adamant about viewing human beings holistically and believes that good food is essential for good conversations. She is Silesian—so from a region in the South of Poland—and is a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother.  

Oksana Shapoval – Facility Support

Oksana studied Controlling in Luhansk (Ukraine) and worked as an accountant in a large company until spring 2022. Oksana now cleans and cooks at Birdview and contributes a lot to our general well-being with her cheerful nature. When she is not ironing, working in the garden, or learning one of her three new languages (German, English, Spanish), she loves traveling, playing sports, and especially singing and dancing. Being with people is her favourite thing.

Stuart Kinniburgh – Logistics & IT Support Officer (USA)

Stu earned a Bachelor’s degree in English from the Virginia Military Institute and a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management from Pepperdine University (both USA).  He served in the United States Army and has been active in the leadership of several churches.