Our Mission: to inspire and connect Thought Leaders to rethink and shape the future of Europe

Who we are

The name for the Quo Vadis Institute is based on the Latin phrase, “Quo Vadis” which means, “Where are you going?” At our institute, we want to ask that same question: “where are you going?” and “where are we headed as a society?” We aim to provide a platform for thought leaders to reflect deeply on matters crucial for our future, celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of all the different European voices, and contribute to the shaping of a sustainable society.

Who we work with

All our work revolves around Thought Leaders – people who are recognised as being at the forefront of their respective vocational activities or industry.

All these Thought Leaders are connected to one of our Guilds – self-sustaining networks of professionals who seek to further and advance the thinking and practice of their respective fields.

We do not only encourage relationship and interaction within the Guilds. Rather, we are strongly committed to seeing professionals cross the boundaries of their Guild and connect with others. We believe that this interdisciplinary contact has the potential of bearing much fruit.

What we do

We want to inspire Thought Leaders through talks, publications, and personal conversations, drawing from the historic Christian ethical and cultural foundations of Europe. This input can be given during Expert Panels, in specialist Think Tanks, or through collaborative publications.

We connect Thought Leaders at our events and through our wide networks, be it face to face or virtually, and encourage the formation of genuine friendships. Much of this happens at our Annual Consultation and in personal meetings throughout the year, and indeed the world.

Through all this, we want to encourage Thought Leaders to think outside the box, yes, to rethink, and with that enable them to positively shape the future of Europe.

Current Guilds:

  • Arts
  • Business
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Law
  • Media
  • Religion
  • Technology

Video: Take a look inside the work of the Quo Vadis Institute

Learn in this video about our institute and why Thought Leaders of different Guilds find its approach unique and helpful.


Prof. Dr. Robert Gordon
Education, UK

“I rate the Quo Vadis Institute most highly as a forum for creative, interdisciplinary discussion, from a faith perspective, of a wide conspectus of issues of importance for contemporary Europe. It attracts people with specialist knowledge who also have a feel for the bigger picture.”

Dr. Sanford Shugart
Public Administration, US

“Deep, thoughtful dialog with thought leaders in Europe creating a place for all perspectives at the table, including those of faith, and engaging society’s greatest challenges and opportunities for human flourishing – these things make the Quo Vadis Institute essential for navigating to a future all of Europe can embrace.”

Birgit Wezel
Business, Germany

“The Quo Vadis Institute reawakens the need to invest in thought leadership among the current elites. It offers a fresh perspective on the societal discussion concerning the future of Europe. This will in turn lead to a reorientation and stability in the European society.”

John Baker
Business / Arts, UK

“The Quo Vadis Institute commands my deepest loyalty and ongoing support. It is critical in this day to address issues in a way that is both intellectually credible and demonstrates the rightful place of the role of faith.”

Founded in August of 2010.