AI in the Mirror of Ethics

AI has long ago found its way into all our lives. In the economy, on the labour market, in the health sector, but also in education, science, research and teaching, artificial intelligence is being used as a technological achievement of the 21st century. It is trendy and hip. Anyone who wants to be “up-to-date” cannot avoid using it. Together with two partners (Plattform Christdemokratie and Evangelische Allianz Wien) we hosted a public lecture with Prof Wyatt in Vienna (Austria) in November 2023, and took a closer look on the broad fields of AI.

Here you can see Prof. John Wyatt’s perspective and several other video interviews our partners kindly produced as follow up. Interviews were directed by Suha Dejmek (Plattform Christdemokratie) and Jo Hoffmann. Mrs. Dejmek also led through the event evening with a very engaging presentation/moderation. Johannes Unosson supported the Q&A with Pigeonhole. Ewald Ring and Anja Hoffmann were active as live translators to English and German. Thanks a lot to all of you!

About the Speaker:

Prof. John Wyatt (University College London) has studied AI and its implications as a neonatologist, medical ethicist and senior researcher (Faraday Institute) in Cambridge.

Highlights of the event:

Lecture of Prof Wyatt (selected scenes):

Q & A Session:

Interview by Suha Dejmek – in English:

Interview by Suha Dejmek – Voiceover: German

Interview by Jo Hoffmann: Will AI take over human intelligence?

  • Speaker: Prof John Wyatt
  • Interviewer: Jo Hoffmann, Suha Dejmek
  • Original Language: English
  • Filmed: November 2023 (by Jo Hoffmann)
  • Photos: Screenshots
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