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#Rethink Episode 15: Ethical Fashion with Sam Mabley

In this episode of our podcast #Rethink, Jasper Knecht engages in a conversation with Sam Mabley, a young Christian from Bristol (UK), who founded a fashion company (Yes Friends) centered around the idea of making ethical clothing affordable. Sam shares his story and discusses how he became intrigued by issues in the fashion industry. To quote from their website: „Clothes are the products with the 2nd highest risk of modern slavery in their supply chain and use around 10% of global greenhouse gases“.   

There’s an inherent awareness that something doesn’t quite add up when we purchase a T-shirt for a mere 5-10 euros from a mainstream fashion chain. Maybe we’ve caught wind of the harmful impact of dyeing methods, releasing alarming quantities of toxic chemicals into rivers and triggering catastrophic effects on nearby ecosystems and communities. The pressing question, however, remains: What actionable steps can we take? The prevailing industry operates within these established “norms”, and the prospect of transitioning to alternatives, often considerably pricier, poses a financial challenge for many. How do we address this dilemma and contribute to positive change? 

Sam, who faced the same problems, decided to change something right here and create a way to offer fashion that is both ethically produced and affordable. In the conversation, he meticulously describes the processes necessary for making this possible and also paints a broader economic picture, showing how we, as consumers, can support a change in the way fashion is produced and perceived.  

Moreover, Sam describes how, as a Christian, he reflects on issues of justice and perceives a clear mandate in the Bible to contemplate justice and social conditions, as well as to actively get involved when unjust conditions are observed or become salient. 

You can listen to the episode here:  

Feel free to visit the website of Yes Friends.

Feel also free to listen to episode 6 of our Podcast on “ethical consumerism”.  

If you are further interested in this topic, we can recommend this insightful documentary (The Story of Stuff):

Sam Mabley studied music at the university of Bristol. He is a co-founder of the ethical clothing company Yes Friends.

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