The Quo Vadis Institute’s Network in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland

Base: Salzburg, Austria

If you live in Austria, Germany, or Switzerland—we welcome you to connect with our DACH Hub and attend our local events. The main language of the Hub is German, though some input might be provided in English (with German translation).   

Sunset at Birdview

Through networking events, lectures, and study groups, the DACH Hub aims to connect and inspire people in (thought) leadership, to positively shape the future of our work, professions, and regions. The Hub gets together about three times a year in Salzburg, but separate connection between members of the Hub happens more frequently. 

What is a Hub?

We believe that national/regional networks are particularly attuned to the questions thought leaders and professionals have in these areas. Therefore, we have begun setting up our regional Hubs, and our DACH Hub is the first. Though setting up ‘official’ Hubs will take time, we have informal networks in Poland, Ukraine, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Albania. 

A Hub is a place where serious questions are discussed with openness and diligence, where we critically reflect on our societies, where we want to see people grow in their work, and where we provide a safe space to ask questions. Above all, however, Hubs host a community of people similarly excited to see our neighbourhoods, working environments, and our regions flourish. 

Upcoming Events (in German):

  • 26 February: “Geld klug ausgeben und großzügig geben” mit Candice Blomeley
  • 30 March: “Ohne Himmel sind wir unbedacht” – Aphorismenlesung von Beat Rink
  • 21 April: “Schönheit in West und Ost” mit Tabitha Bühne und Dr. Markus Spieker
  • 13 May: “Gemeinsam Entscheidungen treffen: Ehe, Familie, Karriere & Glaube” mit Dr. Eva und Dr. Manfred Wieser
  • 14 June: “Von der Schöpfungsverantwortung zur Lebensmittel-<Rettung>” mit Doris Kiefel
  • 21 September: “Evangelikal“ in Österreich – Entstehung und Bedeutung eines umstrittenen Begriffes” mit Dr. Frank Hinkelmann
  • 31 October: “Christliche Freundschaft in einer sexgesättigten Welt” mit Prof. John Wyatt

How can you get in touch?

Verena Schnitzhofer

If you are interested to join one of our events, connect with our network, or receive some more information, do not hesitate to email our DACH Hub leader: Verena Schnitzhofer (

We hope to see you soon! 

If you are interested what having a Hub in your own region would look like, please contact Jasper Knecht (