Podcast #Rethink Episode 9: Eschatology and the Future of Humanity: A Conversation with Victoria Lorrimar (The Robot Will See You Now, No. 3)

The third instalment within our series of the newly released book “The Robot Will See You now” on QVI’s Podcast Rethink is out!

This episode features a conversation between Victoria Lorrimar and Johannes Knecht around the chapter Victoria wrote on “The Future of Humanity” in TRWSYN.

Dr Victoria Lorrimar is originally from Perth. She started her academic journey in the sciences, but later switched to theology. She has also worked in the Western Australian Government in the fields of science, innovation, and neurodegenerative disorders research. In her PhD, she studied how technologies that promise to enhance human characteristics and abilities can be engaged by a theological understanding of what it means to be human.

In this conversation, Victoria discusses how Transhumanism (a future where Robots supersede humans) and Eschatology (the theological study of the “end times”) can fit together.

She opens up the theological debate about the relation between the Present and the Future: Will the Future arise from outside of time and space, or is it a continuation of the Present? These beliefs will in turn pose the questions: Can we humans shape the future – or is it out of our hands?

We warmly invite you to listen and rethink!

For more information or to buy this book please visit the SPCK website HERE.

In Austria and Germany, you can buy the book in Thalia.

Photo Credits: Simon Berger on Unsplash

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