The Epidemic Provides a Chance to do Good by the Climate

This fascinating and worthwhile article shows us that there might be a way to turn the devastating effects of the current pandemic into a positive boost for climate measures. It describes that due to the world’s largest economies being under lock-down, massive drops in pollution have been observed. The ecological outcomes are fascinating: Dolphins are coming back to the canals of Venice and major Chinese cities see the sky for the first time in years. Experts see this as a window of opportunity in which constructive climate measures could be implemented. However, the writer also observes a sobering reality: Important international conventions are being delayed, large sums of money are invested into the coal and oil industry, and decision makers are blinded by the acute Corona crisis. Is there a way to tackle climate and covid? Or is this too much for our systems to handle?

The article challenges us to see what changes could be made now, in this time of near-complete economic shutdown.

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Original Language: English 
Published on: 26 March 2020
Photo: Federico Beccari on Unsplash

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