Europe Shows a Harder Face on Migration as Political Mood Shifts

Ever wondered whether the new surge in people arriving at the Greek border is simply a repetition of the 2015 events? Well, this article suggests one of the substantial differences is Europe’s approach. It suggests that Europe’s stance is harsher on the increased number of migrants coming to the Greek borders than it was in 2015. It describes and evaluates Europe’s attitude in the face of this perceived challenge and further places this phenomenon in the wider context of the development of European politics over the last five years.

Are the motivations to assume a harsher stance needed, and in line with the changed European political mood? Or would a repetition of the 2015 attitude be desirable? This article is a good place to start thinking about those questions.

Read full story on Financial Times

Author: Sam Fleming, Mehreen Khan, and Valerie Hopkins (Financial Times)
Original Language: English
Published on: 5 March 2020

Photo: Radek Homola on Unsplash

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