“Death Without Dignity?” Available as Paperbacks, E-Books, and Audiobook

“Yes, we should, as a society, respond to the desperate cries for help of terminally ill patients. But is helping these people to kill themselves the best practical and compassionate response that is available?“

Wyatt, Death without Dignity?, p. 46

In trying to answer this question, John Wyatt wrote this new book. In Death without Dignity? Wyatt challenges some of the arguments used in favour of euthanasia and physician assisted suicide. In response, Wyatt suggests a more humane way forward: one that is both achievable and more honouring to the patient.

Find below where you can order the English and German paperbacks and e-books, as well as the German audiobook.

English Version: “Death Without Dignity. Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in Europe”

German Version / Deutsche Fassung: “Sterben ohne Würde. Euthanasie und Assistierten Suizid in Europa”

Photo Credit: Robert Nickson | Unsplash

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