5 Management Strategies for Businesses after the Corona Crisis

Will we have to adjust the way in which our businesses are managed when the lock-down has ended? In what way can we utilise the current lock-down as a catalyst for improvement? Some of these questions are discussed by Franz Kühmayer in this very helpful article.

Mr Kühmayer suggests five management strategies which will be of value during and immediately following the corona-crisis: 1) One ought to become attentive to weak signals regarding the direction of the market. All change, so Kühmayer argues, will be preceded by weak signs. Good management will anticipate and prepare for them. 2) Resilience is more crucial than efficiency. Even with all the data, business analyses, and continuous push for performance increase, businesses will not be able to survive if they are not resilient. Being able to be flexible, to support the people in the organisation, and diversify, is of crucial import. 3) Embrace an openness to so-called ‘New Work’ strategies, building on work-qualities like ‘Trust’, ‘Tolerance’, and ‘Outcome Focus.’ However, besides an embrace of this more flexible approach to work, this crisis has also underlined how necessary offices can be in certain contexts. 4) A healthy business/office culture is crucial for a proper functioning of the company in times of crisis. Hence, investing in it when the crisis is gone will be beneficial. 5) Be bold, have courage, and think of yourself as a pioneer (again!). 

Kühmayer’s analysis is very helpful for those who are in a position of management and want to reflect more on their current situation but also feel drawn to look ahead and prepare in case something similar might come up again.

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Title in German: 5 Führungskompetenzen für die Post-Corona-Wirtschaft
Author: Franz Kühmayer 
Original Language: German 
Published on: Unknown

Photo: Annie Spratt on Unsplash 

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