In the new year, we will organise three (online) Study Groups, looking at important societal themes and questions. In preparation for each of the Groups’ sessions, we will be reading a section of a book or some articles (between 30-50 pages).

The (Zoom) sessions will be organised in the late-afternoon/early evening (Central European Time) and will last for about an hour. During the sessions, we will discuss the read material and its implications more fully in the context of a small group, led by a convenor.

If there are enough applications and if appropriate, we will organise multiple sessions on the given day and divide groups according to (professional) interest.   

1.     Intelligent Machines: Tool or Master? 

This group will read the book: The Robot Will See You Now. Convened by Dr Jasper Knecht, we hope this will be an exciting and challenging place for people from both science and humanities backgrounds to reflect deeply on the nature of humanity, its flourishing, and intelligent machines. The dates for this group are the following: 

  • Friday, 14 January | Session 1: Introduction and Positioning
  • Friday, 28 January | Session 2: What is Going On? Cultural and Historical Analysis
  • Friday, 11 February | Session 3: Theological Frameworks and Responses
  • Friday, 25 February | Session 4: Ethical and Social Issues

Time: 19:30-20:30 EU time (18:30-19:30 UK time; 1:30-2:30pm EST)

2.     Theology and the Search for Beauty

How can art have a place in our faith experience? What is the significance of beauty and why should we pursue it? Led by Dr Andrzej Turkanik, this groups will reflect further on these types of questions and discuss the seminal place beauty and art could and perhaps even should have in our societies. The dates for this group are the following: 

  • Wednesday, 9 March | Session 1
  • Wednesday, 23 March | Session 2
  • Wednesday, 6 April | Session 3

Time: 19:30-20:30 EU time (18:30-19:30 UK time; 1:30-2:30pm EST)

3.     Blessed are the Peacemakers 

What is peace and how do we further and build it? What does it mean to be called to be peacebuilders? Is peace merely the absence of conflict or is peace also a positive characteristic? With the help of peace-scholar Stefania Knecht, this group aims to reconsider the ways in which we think about reconciliation and peace in light of the reality of conflict and the Christian calling. The dates for this group are the following: 

  • Wednesday, 13 April | Session 1: Just Peace
  • Wednesday, 27 April | Session 2: Reconciliation & Peacebuilding

If interested to join any of these Study Groups, please email for further enquiries or to register.

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