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The last decade has seen dramatic advances in artificial intelligence and robotics technology. These advances have been exciting but they also raise tough questions. The Robot Will See You Now considers how Christians can respond to these questions and provides answers many will seek in the years ahead.

Contributions from a number of international experts, including editors John Wyatt and Stephen Williams, explore a range of social and ethical issues raised by recent advances in AI and robotics and offer ways to prepare for the challenges we will face.

The book explores the effect of artificial intelligence in the areas of:

  • Medicine
  • Employment
  • Security
  • Human interaction
  • Relationships

Do we really need to be concerned that computers will take over the world?  Is there a way to manage these developments and still enjoy all the benefits of artificial intelligence designed to make our lives better?

Besides these more practical concerns, perhaps most importantly, the book answers questions on the theological considerations of artificial intelligence from a Christian perspective. The Robot Will See You Now offers a measured, thoughtful approach to how Christians can understand and prepare for the challenges posed by the development of AI.

This is a book for anyone who is interested in learning about I) how AI and robots have advanced in recent years and II) what a thoughtful and balanced Christian approach could look like in the light of the challenges we face.

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    About the Authors

    John Wyatt is Emeritus Professor of Ethics and Perinatology, University College London and Senior Researcher at Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, Cambridge. He is an expert in the interface between medical ethics, technology and Christianity, and is currently leading a research project on the social, ethical and theological implications of advances in artificial intelligence and robotics. He is the author of Matters of Life and Death (IVP 2009), Right to Die? (IVP, 2015) and Dying Well (IVP, 2018).

    Stephen N. Williams is an Honorary Professor of Theology at Queen’s University, Belfast and a participant in a research project into the social, ethical and theological implications of advances in artificial intelligence and robotics based at the Faraday Institute, Cambridge. His books include Revelation and Reconciliation (Cambridge University Press, 1995), The Shadow of the Antichrist (Baker Academic Press, 2006) and The Election of Grace (Eerdmans, 2015).

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