Quo Vadis Institute Summer School: Creation, Christ, and Culture


How do we live well in this world? How do we stand in the tension of being in this world but also being fundamentally distinct from it? Does excelling professionally fall within the call to follow Jesus? More generally, how does our activity in the world relate to our Christian life?

These are incredibly intricate questions that require a good understanding of some important theological truths, relating to the being of God, the essence of creation, and the Christ’s Incarnation. This three-day in-person Summer School, which is hosted and organised by the Quo Vadis Institute, aims to provide a theological framework to answer and engage these questions well.

Each of the days will see four hours of teaching and have a social component as well (e.g. a hike, city walk, or a BBQ) to aid reflection on the material of the day.

  • CREATION: Looking first at who God is, how God relates to creation, and at the Trinity, will help place our understanding of the world around us in a larger theological frame.
  • CHRIST: On the second day, we will look at the person of Jesus: who he is as God, as a human being, how we see these two realities coming together, and what the implications are of this ongoing union of God and humanity, God and creatureliness.
  • CULTURE: Lastly, on day three, we will draw the strands of God, creation, and Christ together and specifically reflect on how we understand our work in this world, in our culture, and in our professions.

We trust that this will be a fantastic time of fellowship and learning: we hope to see you there!


The Summer School is organised from 31 July to 2 August 2023 at Birdview, the home of the Quo Vadis Institute.

On the teaching days, lunch and refreshments will be provided. We can also give advice about places to stay for the duration of the Summer School (there are some affordable places within walking distance).

You can apply by sending an email to (Jasper) with a brief description of who you are and why you are interested to attend. In your email, you may also include some questions you hope would be addressed in the teaching sessions. Applications close on 10 July 2023. After attending the Summer School, you will be given a certificate of attendance.

Cost: 100EUR. We would not want the cost to be an obstacle, so do get in touch if you’d like to come but are unable to pay this amount.

Dr. Johannes J Knecht (Jasper) grew up in the Netherlands and completed his BA in Theology and Biblical Studies at the ETF (Belgium). Thereafter, he completed his MPhil and PhD in Systematic and Historical Theology at the University of St Andrews (UK). Jasper is married to Stefania and together they have two children. He is responsible for the Research and Programme Development of the Quo Vadis Institute and is a Lecturer in Systematic and Historical Theology for WTC Theology in the United Kingdom.

Download the Invitation Letter of the Summer School here! You are free to share it:

Featured Images: Luis del Rí­o, Athena, Aa Dil (all Pexels)

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