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#Rethink Episode 13: Human Flourishing and Palliative Care

In this episode, Dr. Sarah Foot discusses her work as a Palliative Care Physician. What does good, holistic care look like? Foot explains that a physical problem does not always have a physical solution and that much of her job is also to help patients navigate choices and decisions. Important in this process is to define what success means in this context? Even though ‘curing’ a patient is not often a realistic aim, it is very rewarding to help people manage pain and support them in achieving their goals.

Listen to Episode 3 of our new series: “Human Flourishing and Palliative Care” with Dr Sarah Foot

Dr Sarah Foot is a Palliative Care Physician in the UK.

Photo Credit of Featured Picture: truthseeker08 | pixabay

Sarah Foot: private

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