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Video: Take a look inside the work of QVI

Learn in this video about the uniqueness of the Quo Vadis Institute and why thought leaders of different guilds find its approach so intriguing.

Credit: Jono Seneff (Window Seat Production)

“You can’t go anywhere like this.”

Dr. Sandy Shugart, President Valencia College

The name for the Quo Vadis Institute (QVI) is based on the Latin phrase, “Quo Vadis” which means, “Where are you going?” At QVI, we want to ask that same question: “where are you going?” and “where are we headed as a society?”

QVI aims to provide a platform for thought leaders to reflect deeply on matters crucial for our future, celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of all the different European voices, and contribute to the shaping of a sustainable society.

Have a look how this looks at one of our conferences in the video above.

Learn more about us, what we do and who we work with on: About QVI

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