Naked Untruth

How women are singled out for vile abuse for political ends

Are women disproportionally the victim of blackmail or manipulation in the workplace? And how does blackmail, manipulation, or wrong reporting more generally influence our fundamental democratic rights: the freedom of the press and free speech?

This article suggests that AI technology and so-called ‘deep fakes’ pose a new and substantial threat to politicians, journalists, and especially women. It outlines how ‘Fake News’, nudes (i.e. explicit material used for blackmail), and trolls are capable of destroying the freedom of speech and the proper functioning of the press. Reading the article challenges us to reflect in what ways we might be, knowingly or unknowingly, participating in this eroding online power and how we respond to it.

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Original Language: English
Published on: 7 November 2019
Photo: Max Duzij on Unsplash

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