Annual Lecture 2023 – by Celia Wyatt

On 28 October 2023, Celia Wyatt gave our Annual Lecture at one of our recent events in Austria. The title of the lecture was Grace and Empathy in Times of Sorrow – Abortion and the Christian Faith. Celia has been active as a counsellor for many years and is specialised in crisis pregnancy questions and post-abortion care. In her very moving and convincing lecture, she argued for the need of both grace and truth when it comes to supporting women in those difficult circumstances, especially those with post-abortion trauma. She showed how the current policies which make abortions freely available are culturally and societally situated and in what way she sees them as harming to both mother and child. We cannot honour the nuance of her address in just a couple of sentences here, but we would recommend you watch the recording of the lecture, which is added here. We thank Celia for her time and cannot wait to find ways to continue this conversation.

Watch the full talk here:

Author: Jasper Knecht

Photo Credit: Cottonbro Studio |

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