The Great Climate Migration

The changing climate will fundamentally alter the geopolitical landscape. As societal disruptions are clearly visible and tensions amidst climate summits are rising, Abraham Lustgarten argues in this article that the most overlooked aspect of climate change will be the massive migration waves, coming from areas that will become unsustainable due to rising temperature.

While countries have been grappling with these issues of immigrantion and border politics for the past century, this article shows that this debate is far from over. It portrays insightful stories of people from South America, trying to make their way to the ‘dreamlands’ of the USA. In reading about the personal aspect of this crisis, we may be challenged in our own thinking; how should we approach foreigners who look for refuge and the possibility to start a new life?

How do we assess the political responses, which the migration issues have brought about, as nationalistic views have grown and populist ideas have increased in many western countries. Furthermore, how will the nations that are less affected by climate change react to the people approaching their borders, people fleeing fearing for their livelihood? Lustgarten’s personal encounters with these people may change our attitude towards a more welcoming Europe and possibly help us grapple with our fears and prejudices.

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Author: Abraham Lustgarten
Original Language: English 
Photo: Bill Oxford on Unsplash

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